DI Pipes are better than steel / PVC / HDPE pipes:

Ductile iron pipe can provide over 100 years of unrelenting, high-level performance! Proof of this performance is provided by more than 560 utilities throughout North America that have iron pipe still in service that are over 100 years old, as well as many over 150 years old. Additionally, iron pipe served the fountains of Versailles, France for over 300 years.

DI Pipes also saves operating costs in several ways including pumping costs, tapping costs, and possible damage from other construction, causing failure and the cost to repair in general.

Lifecycle costs of DI Pipes is one of its greatest benefits. Since it lasts for generations, is economical to operate, and easily and efficiently installed and operated, its long-term or lifecycle cost is easily lower than any other material.

Ductile iron pipe in itself is 100% recyclable material. 

It is strong enough to withstand the most severe conditions, from high-pressure applications, to heavy earth and traffic loads, to unstable soil conditions.

Installation is easy and safe for workers who can cut and tap Ductile Iron Pipe on site.

The metallic nature of Ductile Iron Pipe means the pipe can be easily located underground with conventional pipe locators.

DI pipes offer higher tensile strength than mild steel and retain the inherent corrosion resistance of cast iron.