Valves are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices that are used to control the movement of liquids, gases, powders, etc. through pipes or tubes, or from tanks or other containers. In most instances, valves rely on some form of mechanical barrier—a plate, a ball, a diaphragm, for example—that can be inserted and removed from the flow stream of the material passing by. Some valves are designed as on-off varieties, while others allow very fine control of the passage of media.


A valve controls system or processes fluid flow and pressure by performing any of the following functions:

- Stopping and starting fluid flow

- Varying (throttling) the amount of fluid flow

- Controlling the direction of fluid flow

- Regulating the downstream system or process pressure

- Relieving component or piping overpressure

Types of Valves Available:

  • Air Valve
  • Ball Valve
  • Butterfly Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Double Block & Bleed Valve
  • Foot Valve
  • Non-Return Valve
  • Manifold Valve
  • Mono Flange Valve
  • Needle Valve
  • Plug Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Sluice Valve