Water Meters

Sanghi Brothers is a leading industrial water flow meter manufacturer and supplier. 

The flow meters that we are able to provide will withstand the tests of time in order to provide a long-lasting value.

Flow meters can track the building’s energy consumption right down to the exact application. Every process can be recorded for data analysis. This technology unlocks the possibility to identify areas where equipment maintenance can be reduced. There are some applications where exact fuel consumption figures are essential to the organization. Water flow meters are very valuable to track water usage and allow for opportunities to cut operation costs.

Water flow meters can aid in rainwater runoff studies, sewer flow measurements and measuring flow in bodies of water. Most water flow meters are made of three parts: the primary device, transducer and transmitter. These three parts are combined so that the flow meter is one complete device conveniently enclosed in one assembly. They are usually made out of metal such as stainless steel or they may be plastic. Water flow meters are useful in a variety of fields.

In plumbing, these flow meters are used to measure the amount of water running through a tube or pipe for efficiency purposes. Water flow meters are also used for many industrial purposes for flow measurements to help companies determine profit gain or loss. 

Types of Water Meter

- Electromagnetic Water Meter

- Ultrasonic Water Meter

- Woltman Water Meter